Supporting the Internet Security in ASIA PACIFIC
APCERT cooperates with CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams) to ensure Internet security in the Asia Pacific region, based around genuine information sharing, trust and cooperation.
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18 March 2015
7 January 2015
3 December 2014
Dell SecureWorks joins APCERT Supporting Member
Dell SecureWorks is now a Supporting Member of APCERT
3 October 2014
LaoCERT (Lao People's Democratic Republic) joins APCERT Operational Member
Laotian National CSIRT, LaoCERT is now an Operational Member of APCERT
15 September 2014
MNCERT/CC (Mongolia) joins APCERT Operational Member
Mongolia's National CSIRT, MNCERT/CC is now an Operational Member of APCERT
1 May 2014
APCERT Annual Report 2013
APCERT has released its Annual Report covering APCERT and member teams' activities in 2013.
24 March 2014
Results of the APCERT Steering Committee (SC) Election 2014
- Chair: JPCERT/CC (2014-2015)
- Deputy Chair: KrCERT/CC (2014-2015)
- SC: CERT Australia, CNCERT/CC, KrCERT/CC, TWNCERT (2014-2016)
  (JPCERT/CC, MOCERT and MyCERT remain until 2015)

Microsoft joins APCERT Supporting Member
Microsoft Corporation's membership as a Supporting Member has been accepted.

Bkav (Vietnam) becomes an APCERT Supporting Member
BKIS, now referred as Bkav Corporation, made transit from the APCERT Operational Member

APCERT Working Groups Updated
Operational Framework WG is now merged into Policy, Procedures and Governance WG.
19 February 2014
APCERT embarks on global coordination to counter cyber-ops [PDF 61KB]
APCERT has successfully completed its APCERT Drill 2014 on 19 Feb 2014.
20 January 2014
6 January 2014
APCERT AGM & Conference 2015
Date: 6 - 10 September 2015
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hosted by: MyCERT

APCERT Annual Report 2013
APCERT Annual Report introduces activity updates of APCERT and member more

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International Information Security Event Calendar

A technical WG to exchange analytical information of TSUBAME, the packet traffic monitoring system to observe suspicious scanning activities in the Asia Pacific region.