Supporting the Internet Security in ASIA PACIFIC
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Working Groups

Critical Infrastructure Protection WG

To identify prevailing issues in critical infrastructure protection, propose and recommend best practices, improve collaboration, and enhance knowledge sharing among APCERT member teams to provide better protection of critical infrastructure across multiple economies.

Drill WG

To improve the efficiency and stability of the organization of the annual drill by maintaining a fixed organization that can learn from experiences each year.

Information Sharing WG

To identify different types of information that is regarded as useful for APCERT members to receive and/or which is available to share with other APCERT members.

IoT Security WG

To ensure the secure usage of IoT devices in priority sectors and build trust in secure usage of IoT Ecosystem.

Malware Mitigation WG

To develop a framework for malware analysis and sharing of data samples among the members. The objective is to establish early malware detection and mitigation response within the APCERT community.

Membership WG

To review the current membership criteria/classes and determine whether they should be broadened to include new criteria/classes and if so how should the new arrangements work.

Policy, Procedures and Governance WG

To devise an approach and assist in defining APCERT organizational processes into policies and procedures appropriate to the running of APCERT.

Training WG

To establish an overall education and training program to assist members to develop, operate, and improve their incident management capabilities.


A technical WG to exchange analytical information of TSUBAME, the packet traffic monitoring system to observe suspicious scanning activities in the Asia Pacific region. [read more]