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What types of membership/partnership are available at APCERT?
There is a membership type for any organisation that furthers the objectives of APCERT. CSIRT or CERT, formed by Governments and/or are non-profit, in the Asia Pacific region are invited to join as Operational Members. CSIRT/CERTs based in outside of the Asia Pacific region and corporate entities and non-profit organisations that are engaged in cyber security can also join APCERT as a Partner. APCERT offers one type of membership and 3 types of partnership depending on the applicant’s organisational structure and constituencies etc. To see which membership/partnership type your organisation might be eligible for, please see the APCERT Member and Partner Decision Tree.
What are the differences between "Operational Membership" and "Corporate/Liaison/Strategic Partnership"?
APCERT is a community for CSIRT/CERTs based in the Asia-Pacific region. Operational Members are the main drivers of APCERT, and they are mainly National/leading CSIRTs in the region, and partners are the organisations who can support such activities. Operational Members (after 1 year of membership) have the right to vote and stand for a Steering Committee position. Partners do not have voting rights or capacity to stand for an APCERT Steering Committee position, however, they are eligible to participate activities with APCERT members/partners by means of technical training, information sharing etc. For different benefits for each membership/partnership category, please see Page 6-8 of the APCERT Member & Partner Categories Policy.
What defines CERTs and CSIRTs?
Applicants must be an active and operational organisation that performs incident handling services. Document indicating the incident response activities (e.g. incident statistics, case studies) may be submitted with the application if applicable. If the applicant is operating as a National CERT/CSIRT under the government, any supporting document showing the authority’s endorsement on the applicant’s activity may be attached if any.
Who can be a sponsor and what does a sponsor have to do?
Any existing APCERT Operational Member can become a sponsor for a prospective Member or Partner. An Operational Member who takes on the role of a sponsor is required to fill and submit the corresponding "Sponsor Report", and to be a mentor to a prospective member/partner especially during the first year.
How many sponsors are required for prospective members?
Prospective Operational Members must be sponsored by one (1) existing Operational Member.
Prospective Partners must be sponsored by three (3) existing Operational Members.
How does my team become a member of APCERT?
Please refer to the "Membership Application Process" webpage.
What kind of documents do we need to submit for joining as a member/partner?
1. An application form for each membership/partnership category needs to be filled in by the applicant:
  -  APCERT Operational Member Application Form
  -  APCERT Liaison Partner Application Form
  -  APCERT Strategic Partner Application Form
  -  APCERT Corporate Partner Application Form

2. Sponsor report (s) for each membership/partnership category needs to be filled in by the sponsor: (1 sponsor report for Operational Membership, and 3 sponsor reports for partnership from each sponsor):
  - Sponsor report (for New Operational Member application)
  - Sponsor report (for New Partner application)
What are the benefits and responsibilities of becoming an APCERT Member/Partner?
Benefits and responsibilities are dependent upon the different membership/partnership category an economy falls under. All Members are welcome to participate in APCERT General Meetings and influence the decision making process of APCERT activities and business related matters; and, are also required to actively share information with other APCERT members. In addition to this, Operational Members can vote on APCERT issues and stand for election of Steering Committee members. For a full list of benefits and responsibilities of APCERT Members and Partners please refer to the APCERT Member & Partner Categories Policy.
Who makes the decision whether to accept a membership application and how?
APCERT Steering Committee will discuss the completed applications and make decisions on a case by case basis according to pre-set criteria. The decision is made by voting.
Who are the existing members?
How many members can APCERT accept from one economy?
An unlimited number for both Operational Membership and Partnership.
What are the roles of an APCERT representative (apcert-rep)?
This person will have a number of roles:
  1. Prior to the team being accepted as an APCERT member:
    • responsible for providing information to the sponsor and the APCERT secretariat when required during the membership/partnership application process.
  2. Once your team becomes an APCERT member/partner, your responsibilities will include:
    • keeping your team's contact information up to date and notify other teams of any changes
    • representing your team during APCERT meetings
    • ensuring that confidential information posted to APCERT mailing lists are kept confidential within your organization
Is there any membership fee to join APCERT?
No, currently there is no membership fee required to become a member/partner.