Supporting the Internet Security in ASIA PACIFIC
APCERT cooperates with CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Teams) to ensure Internet security in the Asia Pacific region, based around genuine information sharing, trust and cooperation.
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23 October 2018
Results of the APCERT Steering Committee (SC) Election 2018
- Chair: ACSC (2018-2019)
- Deputy Chair: MyCERT (2018-2019)
- SC: ACSC, CNCERT/CC, KrCERT/CC and TWNCERT (2018-2020)
(CERT-In, JPCERT/CC and MyCERT remain until 2019)
23 October 2018
9 April 2018
7 March 2018
14 November 2017
14 November 2017
Results of the APCERT Steering Committee (SC) Election 2017
- Chair: CERT Australia (2017-2018)
- Deputy Chair: MyCERT (2017-2018)
- Secretariat: JPCERT/CC (2017- 2019)
- SC: CERT-In, JPCERT/CC, MyCERT (2017-2019)
(CERT Australia, CNCERT/CC, KrCERT/CC and TWNCERT remain until 2018)
19 September 2017
CERT NZ joins APCERT Operational Member
New Zealand’s National CSIRT, CERT NZ, is now an Operational Member of APCERT. NCSC’s membership is replaced by CERT NZ.
3 August 2017
BGD e-GOV CIRT joins APCERT Operational Member
A CSIRT for Bangladesh government network, BGD e-GOV CIRT, is now an Operational Member of APCERT
18 July 2017
BtCIRT joins APCERT Operational Member
Bhutan’s National CSIRT, BtCIRT, is now an Operational Member of APCERT
6 April 2017
22 March 2017
Date: 21-24 October, 2018
Venue: Venue: Shanghai, China
Hosted by: CNCERT/CC (China)

APCERT Annual Report 2014
APCERT Annual Report introduces activity updates of APCERT and member more

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A technical WG to exchange analytical information of TSUBAME, the packet traffic monitoring system to observe suspicious scanning activities in the Asia Pacific region.